One Solution for Drinking Water in Trains

Regarding the Indian Railways’ Failure in providing Drinking Water to its passengers, and shoving Bottled, Expensive water on them, one of my blogging friends suggested that the govt/railways need more time to solve the problem.

The government might want it, but it Surely does not Need time for things like these.

There are Many solutions possible. For one, Each train could have a Water Tanker, which can be filled at places where there is lots of water. That tanker can supply especially drinking water, even inside the trains, even while they are running.

After all, Water Tankers are Not a Novelty.

water tanker in India

But India that wants foreign companies to invest here, that wants to run Bullet trains, and above all is adamant on Nuclear plants for much of its electrical energy, will have to learn to Much More Careful in the Management and Handling of Drinking Water, as for Anything and Everything else. Which, as We All Know, is just Not Happening.

Simple. Ask Yesudas. But is Anyone Listening? Particularly the govt and the Railways in this case?


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