365+ Artworks available now to download and print offline as many times as you wish, any time.

‘Though’ I would like to Indulge in some Colouring work, I may have to wait for 15 years before I can find the time for that, I think!

Anasera’s Artwork is Impressive. An example from her0 ‘Circles and Squares’:

Circles and Squares

Do buy these for Your kids! …Regards.

Wildersoul Colouring Book

Heart banner 2013 Intro Offer - 440px

*Offer Expired*

Click here for details https://wildersoul.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/fabulous-coloring-book/

Available Now, 365+ Artworks for $12

Gold Heart

When you come visit

You’ll see something like this:


Colouring in helped my healing from post-traumatic stress. I am passionate about making colouring pictures available to others, worldwide. This mission combines my background in the arts, with my avid interest in health.

I’d like to invite you to take up this special introductory offer of 365+ artworks for only $12. Please click here to download now, or preview samples of mandala, blank frame, geometric knot, realistic drawing from observation, and abstract art. Lots of variety and quirkiness included.

Please feel free to contact me for more info.

Happy colouring,

Anasera Trifonoff
Wildersoul Artist, Tauranga, New Zealand

Email: wildersoul@gmail.com



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