Not just Fools, but Idiots as well

Whose fault is it that We have Not just Fools, but Idiots as well, as Our politicians?

RAPE sometimes rt n... Babulal Gaur

The following is from Facebook, as is the graphic.

Final War Against Corruption

Babulal Gaur, senior BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Home Minister, is allegedly seen touching a woman inappropriately, in a video that aired on local news channels. Gaur has denied the allegations but his past makes this denial suspect. Here is why.

Earlier in June, Gaur had said that drinking liquor is a fundamental right & a status symbol. Its weird how anyone can consider drinking a status symbol. But more comes off this great gun. Even earlier, Gaur narrated a story to his party workers of how he told a politician’s wife that he’d ‘teach her the art of draping a dhoti, but in private’.

In 2014, he described rape as a ‘social crime’, which is ‘sometimes right, sometimes wrong’, forcing the BJP to immediately distance itself from him.

With such serial offenders and women-hating men in senior positions in BJP, CM Shivraj Chouhan’s silence on the matter is telling; the PM’s silence remains, eternal as ever.


My Comments:

The Final fault lies with the Electorate.

MOST of the Country is Uneducated. Even those with degrees have what knowledge?

The Crowds are satisfied with Throw-aways.

And Meaningful Education has been Cleverly Denied.

All this make Us believe there IS a Hell, for Idiots like these.

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  1. Individual and Society

    I believe in the formula that differentiates the possible and the impossible. At the individual level you can think and do what you want to, as there is no one to prevent you from doing so. But when it comes to the society or state, there are two parties: one is you and the second comprises those who make up the society. Thus, if you want to follow the ideal in your individual life, you can do so without facing any obstacle. But if you try to change the society or state, that is bound to create confrontation with others. In this sense, imposing a particular ideal on society is impossible. Because although you seek to establish an ideal system, the result would be conflict and violence. Therefore, if you want to opt for change in society or state, then you are involving yourself in an impossible endeavour. To make social change a reality, social will is necessary. If society is not willing to accept the change, you cannot enforce or implement your system on it, because that would lead to opposition and conflict. If you want society to change, you will first have to create social will in favour of your system through peacefully educating people. If there is no social will to accept your system, then practical change cannot be brought about at all.

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