India, Part IV: The Little Tout

[ Monica has too much Heart! A Very Sensitive soul. I just hope and Wish she had a good time. I do wish those from Abroad a Hearty Welcome to Our Dear Country; not like the artificial and bogus ‘welcome’ to the maharaja express, but a Real one. ]

Frankly, India is NOT a country for ‘holidays!’ The ‘whole’ is So mixed with Pathos, that one cannot really relax, unless one decides to just block things out. For relaxation, Switzerland might be a right country, without the very poor, or so I imagine.

Monica is right about the 97 or so billionaires. But, in a country of 1.25 Billion souls, 70 % are poor. These cannot be lifted up by donations or Charity, though that ‘would’ help. The trouble is that the ‘haves’ have No interest in lifting up the rest.

Just joining up rivers, (this ‘has’ been done in Andhra Pradesh), not wasting water by giving up rivers on lease for soft drink companies, etc, would bring changes.


It’s hard to feel connected to a country when touring by train. You’re separated from most of it by glass and speed. And when you finally disembark—from the Maharajas’ Express, at least—you’re greeted with enough fanfare to make the Queen of England blush.

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