India’s Success with GPS!

satellite launch

Or should I say, India’s Huge Success with the GPS! Must say that along with Every other Indian, Felt, and Feel, Very Proud indeed over this. Kudos to the Scientists and the Entire Team. Yet, as Usual with Yesudas, …BUT.


It seems that the Indian Military would be helped the Most by this. But of course a Most Wide Range of Benefits are also there: Knowing Where You are, in Any and Every situation, Finding the Best Catches (of Fish) at Sea, and Accident and Disaster pin-pointing, etc, etc. For all of this, Kudos again.

And India has done this AHEAD OF such advanced nations as those of Europe, Japan, etc, and has become just the Third country to have its own GPS!

It is Not that I want that Other, More Necessary things like Water and all should have been dealt with First.


Urgency has been paid to projects like these, the GPS, the Bullet Trains, etc,

Water Scarcity, the Joining of the Rivers, Increasing the Numbers of Ordinary, Un-Reserved Coaches in Trains, Running More Trains, Providing Drinking Water to Rail Passengers, etc., Are Not these treated as subjects of Secondary Importance by the government?

crowded trains


Crowded Buses

NONE OF THESE give an Idea of the Crowds INSIDE the Compartments/Buses. You do not have Room to aim a camera.

Water Nagpur

This is from No less a Railway station than NAGPUR, a Very Major hub, where there were Just Four Water Taps, of which Two were Not working. I am witness to that. This is My photograph.


Sure, there are a Load of people, for whom the Crowds, the Water Scarcity, is Not an Issue. But Surely again, We Do Not Belong to that Catagory, do We? 🙂

It would seem that the new government at the centre in India today is like the Young Man, who just wants the latest in everything, irrespective of its Need, or Even Worth.

It that not a Shame? I call it Criminal.



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