Big Heartedness

I start with a Tweet of this morning:

Police detain Shiv Sena workers protesting outside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concert venue in Ahmedabad (ANI)

shiv sena protest Music prog 0516

And my responses to that:

1. @timesofindia WHEN will people learn Large Heartedness, and give up Pettiness and Narrow-mindedness? Will Leaders show the way?

2. @timesofindia WHEN will people learn that Culture, the Arts, Music and Sports have No Boundaries? Hitler learnt that. Shall We?


people are Sheep. Christ said that as did George Orwell. Well said. …people put their heads down and prefer to follow a leader, however petty, crooked, corrupt, useless and what not he may be. It saves the people from ‘Thinking!’

people can be incited to frenzy and lynching, and the Same mobs can be brought under Control! It is Leaders who do either of these things. Don’t We have Enough Leaders of Calibre in India?

But these same leaders deliberately put off speaking for Two reasons: 1. People just might not listen. And 2. These leaders take the safe path out by letting the people let off steam, …Ventilate them, though in the meantime lynchings might take place, or as in this case, Musical programmes, and those attending them, get barred and marred. But that is the Least of the botheration for a modern, seasoned, politico.

Hence Needed: Leaders of Stature, Morality and Heart. But these will come Up ONLY WHEN the People would dare to Support them when they rise. 

people fail to realize that Not supporting Good causes causes them a Lot of trouble. For instance, protests of these sorts Are Violent. You are going on the road. Your car window gets broken. Just pray that Your child was not hurt by the flying glass, not to say, Traumatized.


For Big Heartedness, Love, Peace and Sense to prevail, the Citizen has to be Active!

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