Biscuits, and Dad


I have to explain that, don’t I?! πŸ™‚

Have just published a post on Mother’s Love, and praised my Mother too, in it. …My Dad was a Great Man, and a Most Loving one too.

My Dad

Though he had walloped the hell out of me at times! But That made me a Man; one who is able to stand Alone, in the Face of Big Adversities.

Oh, Biscuits? …When I reached the age of about 15, I had noticed many boxes, evidently not from India, which had carried these delicacies.

It was my Father who had started me off on English, (he had been in the Royal Indian Air Force), on Manners, Culture and Courtesy, Music! – albeit the Western one, (the Catholic Church had not yet started on Indianization in those days), …And!

Yes, And, The Love and Respect for Work, and the Sharing of it in the House, …We all had works allotted, me, doing the marketing, shining the footwear, and what not, and he, Washing the Family’s clothes, it was All Manual in those days, mind You!

…The Love of Reading (he had a Fair Library!),Β the Use of Cutlery, Pastries and Cakes, Omelettes and other Egg preparations, (which were Unknown among my Friends!),

…And, Last but Not Least as they love to say in India, My Dad was a Truly, and Deeply Spiritual Man.

I Love You, Dad. I Love You, Too, Mom! Great Parents I had!

My Mom


12 thoughts on “Biscuits, and Dad”

    1. Thank You, my Dear Chris! …I find that as I write about them, which makes me recall them and those days, I find Much to appreciate, and see Just How their lives have shaped me – All for the Better! …Love and Regards. πŸ™‚

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