In Praise of my Parents



[ Hello, Folks! Am editing this a bit, as directly Under, and Re-posting it.

The Point is that Most of Our Parents have Sacrificed themselves for Us, so that Our lives could become, in Every Way, Better than Theirs! …We All of Us would do Well at this moment to take, and Make, a little Time, to Recall their Great points, and tell them, whether they are in This world or the Next, that we Appreciate All that they have done, and that we Love them for It! ]


[Below is the Original article:]

I think that the Best thing I can write about my Dear Parents, and the Best Tribute I can pay them is to mention that –

I have Never seen them Fighting!

I rank that Accolade very high, and am very proud of that fact. Happily, they are Together once again in the Heavens!…

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