Creating a Better Tomorrow!


Came across this post of Aishwariya Ramachandran, and am Reblogging it manually, as the button was not found. Link at bottom.

Before that, my thoughts on it:

Nice, my Dear Aishwariya. Your perception of the situation and the analysis are very good. But the suggestion, ‘Quit Your Job,’ well…

We HAVE to remember that even getting a job is SO difficult these days; starting Your own business, and ‘succeeding’ in it even harder, and all that.

Instead of the corporates, I would suggest that We pull out the rug from under the politicos.


This is what I mean: Leave them in the Lurch. Let us Boycott their ‘meetings.’ Turn Our Backs on them. Let them know when their views are Not worth it. …Image from Internet.

On the other hand, Your saying that the problem is ‘Me,’ (You, He, She… Everybody except It!), is very true.

people have become So Defeated, Disheartened and Listless, that they do not even think straight. They just want to live from day to day: Earn, Eat, Have a little Sex, Sleep and start the cycle again.


So much so that Knowing that the Future of their Children and Grandchildren is at stake, people continue the above way, heads down, like Sheep. Yes, the Problem us US.

The link to Aishwariya Ramachandran’s article:


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