Girl Forced To Unbutton Jeans In Front Of BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj In Front Of Cameras


girl's jeans unbuttoned sakshi maharaj 0516

These are the people ‘ruling’ us.

A woman is unbuttoning her.

And what are all those women (and the so called men) sitting behind doing?

These are #modi’s ‘Acche Din,’ (Good Days promised by him).

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  1. If it happened, its a shame, shame on the persons who were involved, shame on onlookers… but for this how can we blame MODI?? He promised for Acche Din and reallt brought that and to observe that one have to be open with analysis.

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    • Thank You for those thoughts, my Dear Sunny. And highly appreciate Your analysis of the shame that is due to all those groups You have mentioned.

      As for Your saying he ‘has’ brought the acche din, that is your own opinion.

      I hope you will not say that I am not open in my analysis!

      As I am taking things up after nearly 10 days or so, had to go back to the post to see what I had meant.

      The word ‘Blame’ seems Nasty. But.

      Let me start with myself. I am a leader, myself. Not big at all. But, in my littleness, I have noticed that the few times that I had said ‘I do not support this’ had made Big impacts.

      People like the pope, presidents (not of India, that is a rubber stamp post), and modi, etc, pack SO much punch, that things WILL happen if only they would open their mouths. …Many’s the time I have criticised the pope for mewing like a mouse instead of thundering.

      In the case of modi, he is proving to be disappointing. He can become a statesman, he is at such crossroads, but he has chosen to remain a politico.

      With all the opportunities modi has, he could have put an end to communal speeches, set the minorities fears at rest, weeded out the nasty elements, etc.

      modi has not done that. THAT is why he is to blame.


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      • Minorities fears? Sir first explain this minority word and also that why minorities fears to modi?
        May be in your opinion he is failed and not suits as politico but i appreciate the same person for giving us a corruption-free government. His ideas has helped ill economic status of country, have you done analysis on the biddings of 3G, Coal blocks and compared those with congress regime?? Sir being a leader he created an environment for skill india, skill india, employment, business and he initiated many of wise projects but we smart Indians, who always want things for free have not appreciated, not strengthen his dream, not worked but blamed…. You are a leader, sir what a leader means? Leaders can show path, can set examples but won’t walk for one, he did this..he is doing his job what we are doing?? We all have our own agenda and in reality we dont want to work but just blame and we both knows that’s not going to help any.

        I am fond of Modi, the more people raise questions on him the more i get influenced… atleast in his regime people are asking but before we had 2G, 3G, Damad G, Sonia G, coal gate, CWG, adarsh and afterall a ver special PM MMS.. I am sure in future India will miss this person who strengthen India on many of fronts and who had 100% performance and proven record.
        He is not against any, he managed Gujrat and Godhra without any riots for 12 years and in those 12 years Assam, UP, Kerala, Bihar had hundreds of communal clashes (plz apply RTI for exact figure) but we never questions state leaders, a lot of evil things are happening in UP & Bihar but people are silent…. and all of a sudden they will took one candle march and will blame modi…. Modi is different, i would be happy if you set such examples.


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