I would like to name my re-blog as: Why I believe in Violence.

It seems Ian Watkins has ‘claimed to actually procreate children so he’d have them to molest.’ These are The Most Evil words I have heard.

Ian Watkins is one reason. For people like Ian Watkins I would order a Hundred one-inch nails, (rusted ones, preferably), take up a hammer, and punch them in one by one all over his body. I would also see that he does not get medical treatment.

It would seem that governor McCrory passed that law and stood firm on it in order to Protect Children from Abuse. If so, Kudos to that man.

I am also coming to recognize that, just as there are ‘Large’ hearted people, there are ‘small’ hearted ones too. Like the MC who made fun of the little girl. Best thing to do in these cases is, Ignore them and Forget them.


Women: Each One A Survivor

ian watkins

I read a post today by a fellow blogger who said she was considering giving up writing posts.  She presented the dilemma that it seems many of us are faced with today.  That being that if we express our feelings regarding what’s going on in our society , and those feelings don’t line up with popular opinion,  that we can be ostracized, basically cast out from society.

I was pondering on how I would write this post on the drive to work this morning.  That pondering went something like this:

Years ago, my daughter was awarded the Aloha Award at a luau she and I attended in Oahu for having the brightest ‘aloha spirit’ for the evening.  This was at the end of the evening, after she had gone onstage with many others to ‘learn the hula’.  The emcee went down the line speaking with each person and when he…

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4 thoughts on “IPNNC”

  1. Thank you for re-blogging this post. It is so deeply disturbing that this very real danger by very real perverts is not being acknowledged but instead those in favor of abolishing the HB2 are deeming the proponents of it to be discriminatory. My only prayer is the horrible things going on all over the world today will open ALL of our eyes, mine included, to what is really important – demolishing hatred on all fronts and putting the welfare of ALL others in the forefronts of our minds.

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    1. My Dear Hariod, as my computer had been down for all these days, am a little out of touch with things.

      Actually I visit sites to return Courtesies. Quite often I find the posts more than a little bit long, and in many cases, so far from the situation at home in India here.

      I had just responded to what I had read about ian watkins. Not only in this post, but also in the internet, ian is named and notorious as a Child Molester.

      The words I have written introducing the post IPNNC are indeed mine.

      What’s with all these big words in Your comment, by the way? 🙂



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