40 millimetres!


I hope the title is Intriguing enough! …Actually, that is how much the Sea levels have risen in the last 10 years.

global sea levels 2016

I did not see the movie, but I believe it.

I am for Green Energy. Support organizations like Climate Reality, Climate Change, etc, and contribute by Re-tweeting theirs.

Interestingly, Tamilians would be interested to know that S. P. Udaykumar‘s Pacchai Thamizhagam Katchi is the Only one in India fighting against Nuclear Energy and for a Green World. Join and Support.


4 thoughts on “40 millimetres!”

    1. You are Ever So Right, my Dear Belinda, but, it is also the People’s fault. While the corporates would like to go in for whatever brings in monetary profits, We the People fail to contain them, fail to Raise Our Voices.

      Here’s wishing for Sanity!

      Love and Regards. 🙂

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      1. Very True Swami Yesudas. We definitely have to do our part. My daughter says the more we buy organic, the more the big corporations will see that if they don’t move in that direction, they’re going to lose. If I ever buy or lease a car, it will most definitely be a hybrid. We have to make it clear that we won’t accept anything that doesn’t promote sustainability. ✨

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