A look at an Indian Gangster!


Looks like some cheap, unsuccessful bodyguard. See the hand cuffs on him! Yet such Arrogance!

Indian gangster chhota rajan

Here is the ‘report:’

‘Alleged (? Haha!) gangster Chhota Rajan had used fictitious identity with the help of a fake passport to escape the law as he was accused in several cases of heinous nature, involving murder, the CBI today told a special court.

The CBI was arguing on the issue of framing of charges in an alleged fake passport case against Rajan and three retired public servants — Jayashree Dattatray Rahate, Deepak Natvarlal Shah and Lalitha Lakshmanan.’

[ From: http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/cbi-says-chhota-rajan-used-fictitious-identity-with-help-of-fake-passport-1407595     … Comment mine. ]

Names of ‘officials’ conveniently highlighted so that You can spit on them. …Such are Our politicos, judges, officials and police. Alas.


9 thoughts on “A look at an Indian Gangster!”

  1. It is unfortunate thugs are enable all over the world…this is how the networks operate over here, to keep them in hiding and above the law, out of reach…it is sad. Keep the faith! Kalisha

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    1. The so called ‘law,’ the so called ‘judiciary,’ the political system, All need to be changed, but not by way of revolutions. Hard thinking, and Harder Action has to be done.

      Thanks for the feedback, my Dear Kalisha! Love and Regards. 🙂

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