Dogs under the Table


Referred to by Christ in Matthew 15:27 and parallels, Dogs under the Table is not such an Ancient idea, though I am not able to get modern images for that.

dogs u table 0s

This, and All images from the Internet.

Searching for images, came across this shocker below, from, part of an advertisement, trying to show that dogs eat better than many humans.

dog or ch

But the Idea that Dogs get Scraps is a fact. Take India, at least 90% of household dogs get fed leftovers and scraps.

dogs a

These dogs might be in chains, but am sure they eat a little better than those below.

dogs indian sts

In the houses of the well-to-do, dogs get a mash of the odds and ends and the very dregs at butchers’ shops.

Except for dog lovers, dogs do not eat on par with human beings. We can say that The Human gets the meat, and the dog gets the bones.

And that is what politicos for the most part do. From the russian ‘more-than-equals,’ to our so called democracies, politicos feed on the fat of the land, and let the masses have scraps, though these latter are not any the wiser. Sad.



    • Your words are Very True, my Dear Anna! But We seem to be living in Times of Change!

      Modern Politicians like ARVIND KEJRIWAL of the Aam Aadmi Party in North India, along with those supporting him, and UDAYA KUMAR of Kudankulam Anti Nuclear Protest in South India seem to be a different breed.

      Hope, Pray and Trust these would be, and Remain as Beacons!

      Hearty Regards. 🙂

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