The Power of ‘One’!


This post directly refers to my previous article, India wants Monarchy!

As I have shown, the sheer Majority of the Electorate are, Unwittingly, made use of by the Rabble-Rousers.

This has to be Countered by The Minority of the Electorate, who are the Educated, the Qualified and of the Right Mind.

Just as the majority of the electorate would have their positives and negatives, The Minority of the Electorate have some big problems! Already Contributing much to Family and Society, they are Naturally Tired. Add to that Hidden Tirednesses. The Tiredness in having observed the Mule-headedness of the Masses. The Tiredness in facing the Greed of the politicos, the judges of the country, and that of the officials. Etc, Etc.

But this Should Not Prevent Us from Keeping On Keeping On!

  • We tend to forget that the Mightiest Engines are Fired by Sparks!
  • A Matchstick can set fire to a Forest!
  • A Newly dug Pond gets filled in Trickles!
  • Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were all Individuals. And today have followings in the Billions!

Largest Jet Engine GE90

The largest Jet engine today, the GE90. All images from the Internet.

Burning matchstick

Forest Fire

Newly dug pond

Newly dug pond

Jesus and Buddha

So let us Pull our socks up, and Decide to Allocate time to Educate the Masses (I am not talking of book education here). A few minutes spent with those We come across Every Day, will bring about Mighty Changes in Time!

And Time We have, in that We have Life; and Time We Do Not have, in that the Clock is Ticking. We cannot afford to Ignore things.

Let us Help Create True Democracies, and a Better World! Hearty Regards! 🙂


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