Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property


This concerns INTELLECTUAL THEFT, and is Truly Horrible, and Not a Story, in the sense that this is Fact.

I just RE-Backed up my Writings.

Please do it to Yours, too!

Thanks to KC Redding, and Belinda, on whose site I found this.


Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

I recently visited a product development and turnkey services blog right here on WordPress that contained a post about Apple and its “accidental” confiscation of original music. What, you are wondering, does this have to do with writing Horror?

Answer: Everything. It erased original files of original music from the artist’s hard drive.

Why is that important? Because it is the musicians who are leading the charge in intellectual property rights and – it seems – violations.

The post is titled “Apple Stole My Music – No Seriously” and is located at .. It is a hard lesson learned that anyone who does creative work using a computer and accesses the web should read.

Why? Because I suspect Apple is not alone in poking its blind fingers in intellectual pies. And in a world of Thought Police and creative control (along with its residuals and rights and proof of…

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