4G, and Water


We have brought 4 G to the tops of mountains. But We have not been able to bring Water to the Villages. This is what the following graphic saying and showing. From Facebook.

Water and 4 G.

Below is a screen shot of the advertisement that 4 G services are reaching the remotest places:

4 G advert

And here are two more, also from the Internet, on the Scarcity of Water.

Water scarcity and the Long Walk

I have named this: ‘Water scarcity and the Long Walk.’

Water scarcity and the Puddle

And this one I call: ‘Water scarcity and the Puddle.’

Let us note that the Puddle is an artificial one. Water from the extremely dirty flowing source filters down to this puddle, and this Dirty water is what these villagers are collecting. …Most of them would not even Boil it before drinking. …Fuel to boil the Water would be a Consideration.

Sharing these kinds of thoughts, over the Internet and on the Personal basis is what will bring about Changes. regards.



  1. Water is surely the place to start when we are considering the world of the future, which is more and more in our hands. Nations will not help us in our struggle for clean water so we will need to look beyond them.

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      • Think I will post on the subject of Water soon. Here is Philip Larkin on the subject, hope you don’t mind.


        If I were called in
        To construct a religion
        I should make use of water.

        Going to church
        Would entail a fording
        To dry, different clothes;

        My liturgy would employ
        Images of sousing,
        A furious devout drench,

        And I should raise in the east
        A glass of water
        Where any-angled light
        Would congregate endlessly.

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      • I remember that I just this very same poem somewhere, but in my Old age, I forget. I had commented on that too.

        First of all, let me Thank You for the Response. Kind of You.

        For the nonce, Water is an Integral part of Christianity, one could say, being there in the Baptism and Blessings and all.

        The ‘furious devout drench’ sounds good, but it all sounds so physical.

        And Water to congregate the light… Would that be the ‘end’ of this kind of religion?

        Look forward to Your own post on the subject. Regards. 🙂


  2. I don’t thinks he’s suggesting an end to religion, rather pointing to a wonder which could act as an object of veneration. Life worship, perhaps … ? Christianity makes good use of water imagery.


    • Thank You for that. … I had used the word ‘end’ in the sense of the result, the object.

      Life worship? Not for me.

      I reserve the words Worship and Adoration for God alone.

      Life? Where did it spring from? Unless one wants to say life Is another term for God. But that would be debatable. 🙂


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