On the one hand, Relationships with other Human beings are formed Slowly and over time.

But due to, as Shiva says, ‘Bad’ communications, too many Relationships Sadly Spoil indeed.

The picture Shiva has presented of two people practically shouting at each other is extremely powerful, and very true.

Even if We do not ‘shout’ like that, too often We are speaking, in a mood to speak, or ‘Forming ‘What We are going to say‘ in our minds, rather than listening!

Shiva’s further presentation of the Communication between Animals, or the Woman with the Deer (?), Wordless, but TOTAL communication, really speak Volumes on this subject.

Kudos, my Dear Shiva! May Spoilt Relationships be Built back, and May We All Grow in Healthy and Loving Relationships!




Communicate with

Mouth, Eye, Ear, Hand Properly

Or Relations Spoil

This is a Haiku Poem, a Japanese form of writing Poetry

I would like to give more information to new readers who would want to know about Haiku writing, in my previous Haiku I had given the basic information.

 Communication in this world today or since ancient times is a very important tool for people to live; live in harmony.

These days in our regular course of life we tend to ill communicate or sometimes not communicate at all.

Today there are various means to communicate but still we do the mistake of not communicating properly.

With me the experience goes on a daily basis with my own employees, my own beloved, my daughter so on and so forth.

This leads to the unnecessary straining of relationship and tension, which would lead to unwanted disorders and diseases.

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