About a Few, and a Lot


This is the Result of A Few people’s Greed, and A Lot of people’s Apathy.

Giant Gator in Golf course

Image from Twitter.

Would this be the Only Gator of this sort in that area? What about his/her progeny? How infested is that area?

On What are they Feeding? How safe are the Dogs, and particularly Our Children?

How many areas are infested like that?

Pythons in residential areas

Image from link below.

…Let Us remember that they say these same things about Pythons/Anacondas, bought as ‘Pets,’ and released haphazardly. Read: ‘Will traps specially designed for pythons bring any relief to Snake-ravaged Florida?’ in:


Other people’s Carelessness might have caused these Hazards. These, and Other Disasters can be controlled Only by Care, Concern and Action on Our parts.

Regards. 🙂


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