Political Science is about… Cooking!


Just this morning I had posted about The Educational system in India. As I signed off from the computer, made breakfast and had it watching TV, what should I see but this:

Bihar’s Clueless Toppers.

A search in Twitter, where I had seen it earlier, yielded this result:

edu bihar's clueless toppers

I saw it over India Today, but many others must have covered it. This result as under in/from Google:

edu bihar toppers rewrite exams

Now for the Interesting Points:

One of the Toppers in Chemistry, asked to name the Most Active element in the Periodic Table, (not that I can answer that!), said, or rather asked back… Aluminium?

Another Gem, a girl this time, when asked what Political Science, in which she had got top marks, was all about, said… Cooking!

I would not blame Bihar. The (more famous of the) media cover –

  • What their Bosses say,
  • What would bring in more TRP,
  • The Languages they can easily cover, like English and Hindi,
  • What is Convenient for them, (after all they have their Comfort Zones too!), and finally,
  • What becomes Necessary and a Burning subject.

As such the Irregularities, Crookedness and Corruption in Other places are not brought to Our notice.

The graphic below Is of Bihar, but it is NO different from Most States in India. Chits with answers are being passed to the Examinees inside! …Oh Yes, there Are Proctors or whatever-You-call-them inside, supposed to watch that Cheating does Not take place, and Everybody, from the Earthworm to the Prime Minister know that these things happen, but, According to their policy, …’Worry about it Only If and When You get Caught!’

students-caught-cheating-in-exams-in-bihar 0315

So at least Now We know what Political Science is All about! Good day to You! 🙂



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