Solar Energy and JOBS.


Questions have been raised on the Pacchai Thamizhagam‘s Demand that the Kudankulam Atomic plant be Shut down, and that Others of this sort Not be built.

One of the Objections is that this will lead to LOSS IN JOBS. [ Loss of Life and Limb is OK, loss of jobs is not! 😦 ] As in:

The Chernobyl plant

The Chernobyl plant after the explosion. It has to be noted that 2,600 sq. kilometres have been Evacuated. The area of Karur district in Tamil Nadu is about 2,800 sq. kilometres. …More Importantly, Half the Work force of Soldiers employed to Clear up and Evacuate the Area Died before their time.

Gas masks were issued to them to go into that area!

Chernobyl gas masks

Image from:

Forgive me this digression. Let Us go back to the question of JOBS.

People seem to think that Wind Energy and the Solar one would just get Installed and be Running Without Human Work and Effort!

Here’s a nice picture to remind Us of Realities.

Solar Energy and Work!

Image from Twitter.

Support Green Energies and Pacchai Thamizhagam!


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