The Scales of Justice as Ear Rings!


One can understand that Justice has been perverted by Corrupt judges and lawyers for Ages. And what is the situation today?

In the pages of the Magazine/Paper ‘Maadhyamam,’ from the faraway(!) land of Kerala, which should have Nothing to do with the Internal affairs of Tamil Nadu, comes this cartoon:scales of justice

From Facebook. It says, in Effect: jayalalitha* wearing the Scales of Justice as her ear-rings.

*(she is the current, recurrent and recurring chea* ministress, aka ‘Pain in the What,’ of Tamil Nadu).

The courts, after 18 (EIGHTEEN) YEARS of Hard work, declared this woman as guilty in her ‘disproportionate assets’ case. she was even sentenced to jail. But then comes along a joodge of a higher bench, who, within two months, found her a loophole, and out she is, as I said, a chea* ministress today. It is also said that this latter joodge received some 1,500 crores and is now residing in the States.

As I said, ‘It is Said.’ I have No Proof of any of this. But neither can the Tiger prove that the man poked it with an Iron.

In the latest instance, the so called supreme court of India has said that monies, unless gained by wrong means, are not a crime. It seems that the Village Idiot did not know this, and the courts had to inform him.

…EVERY department is corrupt, monies reach the highest places as commissions, which are ‘fixed.’ The Greatest Crime of Turning Tamil Nadu into a Desert has been ‘accomplished,’ at Great profit, (Billions, I would not hesitate to say, …and, needless to say, with Huge commissions to the woman), and the supreme court is SO supremely blind, that it has not ‘noticed’ these things.

Thus perverted is Justice in India today. Even the Scales of Justice have been Bought and Sold. Let Us All go to Sleep.


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