How Children Really Learn

I counted 7 Lessons in 1 Period! ‘math, science, language, motor skills, negotiating, giving, and sharing!’
Phenomenal and Stupendous!
My Kudos to the Teacher and the Students!

A Teacher's Reflections

The classroom seemed quiet, even though rice was everywhere on the floor, and nothing resembled the set-up of activities that teachers had carefully arranged.ย  Yet, every child was fully engaged in important play.ย  I stepped back for a moment to watch real learning taking place.

This was the stage:

  • Chairs were lined-up in a long row as seats on a plane traveling to China.
  • Our housekeeping area was set up as a Chinese restaurant.
  • Our big table was a travel agency, and children were selling tickets for the plane ride, counting money, and studying a satellite map of China.
  • At our smaller table, scissor cutting, hole punching, ribbon and bead stringing were everywhere, as we made Chinese lanterns.
  • Rice, gold coins, jewels and sparkles were in the sensory table with scoopers and sifters of various sizes.

Then, this is what I observed:

  • Children were very focused at the table makingโ€ฆ

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