Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


Frankly, I am feeling quite Low. Here I am, Labouring away in what is called ‘Conscientization,’ trying to make People Conscious and Aware of the fact that they have to be Involved and Active if Our Children are to have a Good Future.

Politics is a good platform for this, and Pacchai Thamizhagam is a Very good Party, as is Dr. Udayakumar, its leader.

But since the Dr. stands against Nuclear Energy, he has a Cool 380+ cases registered against him! How is that for justice for You! Literally, We can see that they have thrown the book at him.

This is part of the ruling politicos practising what is called ‘Raj Tantra,’ the Tricks of the king. And that, is what We call ‘politics’ in English.

  • hitler shouting away, telling the First Big lie,
  • genghis khan, the taliban and the isis intimidating by sheer violence,
  • jayalalitha wooing the electorate with petty gifts, liquor and things,
  • the modi govt hoisting false charges on Arvind Kejriwal and others of the party, (harassment), and
  • the 380 false cases on Udaya Kumar and others around the Kudankulam nuclear plant, (again harassment), are all examples of Raj Tantra.


And that is Why he did not get many Votes, (People are Afraid to support him, lest they too get slapped with False cases of this sort).

I got a Scare of this sort myself, just recently. Hence the Low. I mean, I would have been prepared, (though I would have Hated it), to be thrown in jail for, let Us say, Protesting when the government says: ‘Thou shalt not protest.’ But to have hoisted on oneself such meaningless and False charges as Sedition and harbouring Drugs would be a Pain in the Backside.

…You have Sedition charges slapped against You!!! I call this No less than Monkey Business.

Monkey business

Image from Facebook, where it was posted in a Humourous way. This type of monkey, named the ‘Langur,’ (pronounced: lung-oor), has the habit of ‘Slapping,’ and a hefty blow it would be too, if it lands. This besides the danger of Our getting bitten. The thing to do is to give him ‘Space,’ which they have done here. All this by way of interest. An Astonishing amount of Dough is kept ready, kneaded, at the lower right, which would mean this is an Eatery of sorts. At least two people seem to be ‘rolling’ the chappaattis, and…

Friend Monkey has decided to try ‘his’ hand at that, reminding Us of You know Who. An Apt picture, and Example, of what goes around in High Places.


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