Locals of Muslim-majority village build church for Christians


[ This is post is edited on 18.06.16, and has extra material towards the end. ]

The ISIS might be the worst terrorists, but it is Sad that many Muslims get maligned for the actions and doings of Some.

In India, as in Most parts of the World, People of All Religions have Co-Existed, for Ages. The Exceptions are the Hotheads, of all Creed.

Am Very Grateful to these Brothers and Sisters of the Muslim community in Pakistan for having built that Church. Al’Hum Dullillah!

May the Almighty Bless Us All! Regards.

Sister w palm

Image from the site.

Giving a reference to the site, as could not find a Reblog button.

Locals of Muslim-majority village build church for 70 Christians

Am grateful to Our fellow blogger, Imran Ali, who shared this with me. Blessings.


Here is something I had been searching to put on this post, which I finally found:

Muslims in Bihar Donate land for World’s Largest Hindu Temple.

Largest Hindu temple, land by Muslims

Ref: http://www.dailythanthi.com/News/India/2015/05/19230031/Bihars-Muslims-donate-land-for-worlds-largest-Hindu.vpf

From Facebook.



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