gallery Embrace the Criticism and Learn


If I may dare criticise this, I would say it is slightly Long! But,

It is a Good, and even Necessary Read, for Writers and Artists.

Two quotes from the post:

‘Ask any artist, they rarely remember the good reviews, it’s the bad ones they keep close to their hearts. If they’re sensible, they look upon it with dispassion and detachment (a difficult thing) and learn from it.’

‘Every potential consumer is a critic, by definition.’


Postcard from a Pigeon

Two weeks ago, I asked friend, writer and fellow blogger, Tanya Cliff, to take any story of mine and critique it using the criteria she would use to determine, what is a story?

I wanted to make a point about the value of criticism and how it is something we should embrace and learn from. To continue that theme, here is my own tuppence worth on the value of criticism and how we should use it to our advantage.

This is, I hope, the beginning of an open ended discussion, so please, feel free to comment and participate.

When you send two stories out and one of them comes back, rejected, do you throw it away and rage against its scorner? Don’t.

Take a long, close look at it. Compare the two; why one was accepted, the other, rejected. Try to find out why one was considered good enough…

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