Mad Dogs or Englishmen???


My Dear Ogden, It took me some time to convince myself that You had been Sarcastic, like in Selling the Girl for the Sex Trade, and about hitler, etc. But reading through the comments cleared things up.

Your words, ‘the far right, they are the maddest people around, and the far left, they’re nuts too!’ sums it all very well.

Only, it is Not just the UK or the US. Things are No different in India. Think of the Firecrackers/Matches trade, where small children, preferred because they don’t command the wages of adults, are CHAINED TO THEIR PLACES.

Child Labourer

Image from the Internet. …Of course it would be a Wonder if We could see the ‘Chained Children.’ The employers are not fools, after all. They detect cameras and cell phones, and  those places would be Taboo.

These things are spoken in hushed tones, or in faraway places. …It is also said that these children work in metal ‘coupes,’ so that fire, if caught, does not spread.

From the Most Infantile to the one who is on his death bed, judges, politicians and whatnot ALL know about these things. But it is Not ‘Their’ children. So why should they worry?

If the Mad Dogs of employers do this, the parents of the children, who know full well what goes on, just let it happen for greater income.

Why Malign even poor mad dogs? Let us call them Shit.

Hearty Regards.



What an evil few weeks of hell I just had! Well, that is, some trouble with the motorbike 😉

I once read a great book called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance” Its actually a very good book, I don’t remember much about it now, but it was a big seller and highly recommended for anyone who likes or even doesn’t like motorbikes, I think the guy goes through quite a bit.

Anyhow, this bit broke, and I had to take the bike off the road to fix it, I wasn’t keen, but got stuck in, then loads more went wrong along the way, anyhow, it should be on the road now, but I’m waiting for a gasket to finnish the job, if it arrives tomorrow, that’ll be it done – hoorah!

So on top of all that, I been going to work on the bus. yesterday – when…

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