My Brother, Joseph Ponnou, had written this about Abundance, and it is worth reading.


Whenever I help organizations towards “business excellence”, I ask: What are your KPIs? (Key Performance Indicators)

Interestingly, many of them give a look of surprise and say: Of course, our bottomline (Profits).


[ Whatever one might say about the Ring on the little boy’s penis, the Weight of the Gold on his Chest, in my opinion, is SURE to make his Breathing difficult. These words in red, and the picture, from the Internet (Facebook), inserted by me. ]

Well, there is no ‘of course’ in that.

KPIs could be different to different organizations.
For example,
Police Dept: We will reduce crime by x% in the next 12 months
Hospitals: We reduced death during operation by y%
Fire Department: Our KPI is to reach the response time in any part of the city to < 3 minutes.

Well, it doesn’t apply only to government / service organizations. Private companies could be looking at:
We will reduce employee attrition by x%
We will maintain server uptime to 99.999%
Our KPI is to pick up a Customer Service Phone in less than 3 rings

Get the idea?

So, what I am trying to highlight?

Often, and to most people, abundance relates to MONEY.

Is that the only thing?

What is abundance to you?



  1. To me, love in abundance is an abundance of true value and wealth. Money has no true value. $5.00 would’ve bought more yesterday than it does today, and $5.00 tomorrow won’t buy half of what it buys today. The value of true abundance does not change. If you have an abundance of peace in your life and in your heart, 2 years later, if you have that same abundance of peace, its value does not lessen with time. Money is not, nor will it ever be a sign of true wealth. To quote my mentor, Prince, “The ones who love me without condition, this is my wealth.” Peace, love, spiritually, and happiness. This also is my wealth. 🕊💜✨😊


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