An Excellent Summer Restorative


Had to go to the town (of Kulithalai) this morning. I had set out at about 10.30 and returned at about 12.30. Though the sun was not Very hot today, (I would estimate it at about 35 deg C), I was sweating copiously (I am one of those who sweat, and I suspect many others don’t because they use Talcum powders).

After a bit of my usual afternoon rest, when I sat down at the computer, my engine (my Body!) would not start going. This in spite of having given it its usual glass of tea.

Then I remembered that I had not taken my Good-Old-Reliable ELECTRAL powder. I mixed one teaspoon of the powder in one tumbler of water (180 ml), drank it, and Hey Presto, can feel the effects.

I an NO Doctor, have little medical knowledge in fact. Hence this may not be taken as Doctor’s advice. But I had discovered the Effect of Electral just recently, and hence this my knowledge might prove Useful even to Indians who move about much in the Sun, and by Our Esteemed and Welcome Guests from Abroad while here.

Electral is Easily available in Medical Shops, is ‘Over the Counter,’ which means We do not need a Doctor’s prescription to buy it.

Below is an image of Electral powder as it is marketed:


This image below gives You the Composition. The last item, 4.75, is the price for the small sachet, of 4.4 gms, in rupees. (But they will invariably charge You a flat Rs. 5 for that. The 25 pice coins are no longer in Use or Circulation.)

Electral compo

There is a Huge amount of information available on the subject over the Internet, of course.

The Tumblers, (Glasses if We want to call them), in which Drinking Water is provided while in Restaurants in India, hold (roughly) 180 ml. I have found one teaspoon a day Sufficient. There have been times when for instance I was on Long journeys during the day time, when I have dissolved the bigger packet, of 22 gms, in a litre of water, and slowly consumed that, to No Ill effect.

You might like to Try this. Hearty Regards. 🙂


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