Where are the Protectors?


Came across Two Cases of Defencelessness, in both cases those concerning Women. Though, in the first, it is Incidental. As Under:

A. It seems that these 4 Women, aged between 71 and 61, were ‘caught’ by these ‘brave’ policemen when they were trying to sell the Birds they had caught.

Bird sellers

Image from Facebook.

Tax defaulters to the tune of Thousands of Crores are roaming Free, those who had Cheated the country are settled abroad and enjoying themselves, those who steal and sell Statues from Temples are Free, but…

Birds by the Thousands have died because of the Radiation from the Cell-phone towers; and Whole Species of Birds, especially the Indian House Sparrow, has practically Disappeared because of this. But…Sittu pair

Image from the Internet.

But these poor Women are Caught, because they are easy to ‘Catch,’ [ they can’t run too much, can they?  😦 ]. They are the prize catch of these policemen. And ‘they’ are sure to get some prizes for this. Yuck.


B. Came across this also, also in Facebook:

10 Countries where Women are Not Safe; and the Countries mentioned are: Afghanistan, The Congo, India, Somalia, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand, in that order.

…Some Images, (not in order), from the post by Screen capture:

Defenceless a

Those who have ‘buried’ this Woman thus, Are they human being? And just how can they go about their business as if nothing has happened? …I Absolutely Admire, and Salute this Brave Woman, who is not showing even a Bit of Fear.

Defenceless W India

Defenceless b

Defenceless c

Defenceless d

All these images too by screen capture as they were in a slide show.

The reference:



And in the meantime, this person, jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, cannot speak without raising and pointing her finger!

finger aa

finger b

Images from Facebook.

And We are supposed to be a Free, Democratic country. And Safe, too, I forgot to add. At least, they say We are Safe. Yuck again.


4 thoughts on “Where are the Protectors?”

  1. Its a sad old world isn’t it? Not because they are just horrible to women ( in particular) but awful to each other. Where is the logic in that. The woman who showed no fear. Yes, amazing stuff. Maybe she knew it would help her case. I hope they didn’t klil her. What is it lately with all this violence. A fascinating – but sad – read. Thank you Life can not always be about good things.

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    1. But, as You say, my Dear Jackie, it is a sad old world. Meaning, cruelties and atrocities, of every kind, have existed through the ages

      And an agency that could have put a stop to it was itself involved in this cruelty/barbarism, namely, good old catholic church, via the Inquisition.

      Going on on an aside, like the cat that forgot the Inquisitiveness would kill it, the church had, and has forgotten it, and is suffering for it. Look at the numbers now.

      A friend who had dropped in, to whom I had shown my post, commented that the stones strewn about had blood on that. And they are jagged stones.

      Something is not quite right about that picture. The lady has ‘artistically’ placed blood marks, and the stones are sort of ‘arranged.’ It might be a statue, or reminder.

      But those who practice these things are known to Kill these victims.

      …And, my Intention in sharing all this is to get People’s hackles up, whereby they would say, ‘Hey, We have to do something about this.’

      I succeed in getting about 10% involvement!


      1. I think you are right. It may be staged. But if it gets a response, that’s good. re Catholic Church… I am a catholic and get a lot of comfort from my faith but it has perhaps let down its loyal followers – child abuse – greed – riches. Still, out of the few bad there are many more who do good out there
        Good always outweighs bad.

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      2. My Dear Jackie, Thank You for the response.

        Re: catholic church. I am a catholic Priest myself. Excelled in Theology, at least during my seminary days. My rector had said that I was One what had understood it.

        I have No fights with the Spirituality or the Theology of the catholic church. It is the Practice that worries me.

        Yes, We Do do a lot by way of Education and running Hospitals. And, the fact that there are thousands of souls who have dedicated their lives to the service of the Lord and that of Mankind is Admirable, to say the least.

        But the Greed, particularly in the ecclesiastical authorities, their LACK of opposing Corruption, taking and Using the Laity to Only what brings in money, these are things that must change.

        It could be said that I say these things in our own circles rather than a forum like the blog. But, if they had listened, would I be speaking here?

        My intention is that People, particularly the Catholics, would Ask the Priests, Bishops, etc, to Speak More on the Christ Who is Hungry and Naked to day. Catholics, instead of doing that, are leaving the church and either leaving religion altogether, or joining other groups, which, sadly, are not much better in this.

        There is NO doubt that Good outweighs bad. But We cannot rest on that.

        The person who had ‘buried’ his talent and returned it safely was Chided in No uncertain terms by the Lord.

        Hearty Regards. 🙂


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