Tamil Nadu, the ‘Supposed’ 1st state of India


jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, had once promised that she would make the state the First one, meaning the Most developed one in India.

Showing just two of her accomplishments.

Girls on footboard

The administration gives free bus passes to school children, but does not see to enough buses for them. In most cases, boys hang on the foot boards. Today I see a picture of girls having to do the same. As I said in Twitter, ‘Thank you, jaya.’


Further, in the state which she claims to be the one of the safest in India, SIX Women/Girls have been killed in Chennai alone this month. In broad daylight, in places like busy Railway stations.

6 women killed in chennai in 24 hours june 16

One  of the Six women killed. Photo from Facebook.

Infosys girl nungambaakkam

Another of the girls killed, Swathi, an Infosys employee.

Infosys killing nungampaakkam

The scene of the crime. The brave policeman, arriving and present, After the Horse has bolted, as usual.  From: ‪#‎Infosys‬ employee killed in broad-day light at ‪#‎Nungambakkam‬ railway station. From Express News Service Published: 24th June 2016.

rpf w guns

We can see Useless Police Force toting Automatic Weapons on railway platforms. Here, An RPF (Railway protection force) personnel standing with his Automatic weapon at Guwahati, in the North East sector of India. This is by NO means exceptional. Armed police personnel are deployed at All important stations. But it seems they would go on alert ONLY IF they see somebody who ‘Looks’ like a member of Taliban or something.


Hence proved that good old jayalalitha has made Tamil Nadu into the 1st State of India.

[ All images from the Internet ]


3 thoughts on “Tamil Nadu, the ‘Supposed’ 1st state of India”

  1. This has been upsetting to read and the visuals make me wonder what our world is coming to – will cruelty and violence never end?

    It also brings to mind my dismay at politicians and their campaign promises. Even when they attempt to follow through – which, in America is becoming more and more rare – there seems to have been little thinking through of the pragmatic implications of their ideas, as you point out in this post.

    No doubt it has always been so – at least to some degree – but, as the world’s population increases, it does seem to be getting worse, not better. It is difficult to remain optimistic in the face of what we see and hear on the news anymore. Many days, anymore, I must step back and take a break from world inputs to rebalance – or I fear I will surely implode.

    How do YOU do it?

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    1. Thank You for Your thoughts on this, too, my Dear! Appreciated.

      Yes, as I had referred to in my prev comment, all too many people are falling into the honey trap words of politicos. politicos have studied politics really well. It is known as Raj Tantra in India, meaning, the Tricks of the King! …Have just added material to one of my prev posts, on this Raj Tantra, and am reposting it. Vide: http://wp.me/p4e7b5-1Tq

      Getting Worse? Once again I think differently, my Dear! Abraham Lincoln was far too away in history, but We have had Martin Luther King, Endless numbers of those who fought for Justice and Equality, the Revolution, success or not, in Egypt, the Rise of persons like Arvind Kejriwal and S P Udayakumar in India, champions of Anti Corruption and the Anti nuc movement, AND THE HUGE FOLLOWING THAT THESE HAVE, all show that things are changing for the Better! I firmly believe that!

      But Cool Down, my Dear! …Dhyaan has helped me Keep my Mind Clear, Calm and EMPTY. NO unnecessary thoughts there! You might like to read through my series: http://wp.me/p4e7b5-1uu

      Love. 🙂

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