This Photographer At Least Cried


photographer cries

From Facebook


I have faced at least ‘some’ Fire over posting this collage with my remarks.

But my Answer is this:

As I have stated, my site is not to Inform. But to Bring People to Action. The World in general, and We Indians in particular, are NOTORIOUS for being people full of Apathy.

We cry foul Only when Our Own skin is in trouble.


Have We paid attention to the Pain and Problems of Our fellow Human Beings? HOW MUCH and What have We done to change the situation?

The main point of this post is for Each one of to Us to Examine How much We Care. Regards.



  1. This is sad , but i can see a lot beyond this as well. Why always sadness poverty catches their eyes .. Why portray this all the time .. World nees to see even the beauty , happiness and Culture .. हमेशा ऐसी तस्वीरें दिखाते हैं ये फ़िरंग ..

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    • Thank You for that, my Dear Niveditha! But…!

      You have used the word: ‘Hamesha,’ which is not true.

      The problem is with US. We do not want to Look, Notice or Speak about such poverty.

      Stories, Poems, Movies, will All be about the poor village girl and the rich boy, or vice versa, but not about the PoorEST!

      That is Why things don’t change! 😦


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      • Regards, but I am sorry here I disagree here , as they don’t really bother. It’s just that “jo bikta hai woh bechte hein “, if they are so keen and bothered ,why they just bother to click and share ?? And how we know she cried at this moment? was someone ready to click her tears ?? Was it plotted ?? I am sorry swamiji I respect you for doing something . You bother and do for the things bothering you .Instead ,if you do nothing like us and just pity or feel sad won’t help .. Soch darwaze ke bahar tak bhi nahin. Pahunchpati .. Regards
        I am sorry if I hurt any sentiment of anybody , this is my own thought .

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      • My Dear Niveditha, Thank You for sharing Your views. Am Happy that You have been Open about it. …Had seen this quite a few days ago, and thought that creating a few posts (plural!) would be required to do Justice to it.

        The first one I offer You is this:

        A few of Your points were not quite clear. ‘“, if they are so keen and bothered ,why they just bother to click and share ??’ …Do You mean Why don’t they DO something about it? Actually they are doing Quite a LOT.

        Why to make a Big issue of somebody clicking ‘her’ photo when ‘she’ was photographing? Actually I think there are quite a few posts in the internet about this lady. …Would it be Extraordinary if somebody took a photo of Yours when You were crying? …Would You call ‘that’ Plotted?

        Am flabbergasted if You think that I have done/do nothing about things that You call ‘botheing’ me. My Life’s work has been to Set Fire (Aag Lagaanaa) like this, to get People thinking.

        As for “सोच दरवाजे के बाहर तक भी नहीं पहुँच पाना,” (my thoughts Not reaching even the Outside of the Door), from my Efforts, – All Similar, for over 40 years, my writings and speaches, …the number of comments I get which I simply do not have the time to attend to, …Am Well satisfied that my thoughts have reached quite a number of People.

        But thoughts ‘reaching’ people is NOT the Problem. Our Problem is Apathy. We do not Act. We are Great Talkers. GETTING PEOPLE TO ACT is the Problem. …But am Happy that even ‘that’ is happening!

        You have been Very Sincere in Your response. i Thank You for that, and Appreciate it quite a lot.

        Hearty Regards, and Wish You All the Very Best. With Love, Baba.

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      • I meant you are doing quite a lot , you just not see and move on , atleast you are trying to bring things in our vision but its people like me who just feel pity for a while ,and next minute forget all .. And I am not questioning her , it is a general view … A layman eye .. Sorry if anything Hurt from my side

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