My Tweets on #Kashmir


1. Last I turned on the TV, 35 people had died in #Kashmir.
2. #Media is reporting the Our Armed Forces are practising the ‘UTMOST RESTRAINT’ in #Kashmir. And Still 35 DEATHS?
3. Am neither Hindu not Muslim; am a Christian. And am Absolutely against Terrorism. That said, in the affairs of #Kashmir just now, (cont).
4. Only on TUESDAY did the #Media report that the Armed Forces were Fired upon. Till then, IT HAD BEEN ONLY STONE THROWING in #Kashmir.
5. So, the Supposed ‘UTMOST RESTRAINT’ of Our Armed Forces has caused 35 DEATHS on Mere Stone Throwers in #Kashmir.
6. WHY was not TEAR GAS used in #Kashmir? Or RUBBER BULLETS? WHO has authorised Inhuman and UNETHICAL PELLETS on Protesters?
7. Police/Military hv every sort of protective gear, Helmets, Visors, Shields, NONE of which Civilians hv. Then WHY the FIRING in #Kashmir?
8. We hv seen Enuf photographs of police, Military personnel walking WITHOUT HELMETS. What is surprising if they are injured in #Kashmir?
9. WHY was not the WATER CANNON used in #Kashmir?

10. WHY can’t We call this #STATETERRORISM in #Kashmir?

11. All authorities, Home ministry or officers, who allowed/did-not-stop Firing of Pellets on Human Beings in #Kashmir should be Kicked out.


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