modi and the Indian Railways


People, who can well afford plane tickets, want Japan-and-France-type of Bullet Trains, and that Is being provided for them. Where many of these wanting this have Crores and Crores as Debt, have that also Very kindly written off by the modi government.

But the People of India, who travel Cattle Class, lacking enough coaches, Needing More coaches in Trains, shall have to continue that way. Because there has been NO talk of adding more coaches to Trains.


Below, I give You the Composition of what are called ‘Rakes,’ the coach-types attached to two rather well-known (passenger) trains, the Raptisagar express, plying between the North East and Kerala, and the Grand Trunk Express, running between Chennai and Delhi.

raptisagar rake a

raptisagar rake R


GT rake a

GT rake R

There is No great mystery about this. The larger pictures show the information about the trains, and the lower graphics are expansions of the ‘Rake’ sections. What We need to note is that in both these trains, as in Most, comprising of 24 coaches, the SLR being a small section reserved for Passengers, the rest being the Guard’s area, and for Luggage; there are Only 4-3 ‘Un-Reserved’ (UR) compartments. So out of 24, 17-18 are Reserved compartments of various sorts; one coach serves as the Pantry car.

Reservation gives You the Right to a Berth for the Full journey. But people get in and say, ‘You are going to sleep Only at night, so let us sit here.’ Then what happens is that the coach gets crowded, and You do not get the Rest You had hoped for.

Worse. What I noticed during my recent trip to the North, namely Gorakhpur, on the Raptisagar, passengers Stayed in the reserved compartments throughout the nearly 72 hour journey of mine.

In one way one Pities the people who do not have reservation. They travel like Cattle. And if You have Your family with You, it is Penance indeed. These pictures show how people hang on, outside the coaches. The condition inside can only be imagined.

Two photographs from that trip to Gorakhpur.


This white thing is one of the pieces of ‘luggage’ that was there. At night, they turned it on its side, and, without so much as by Your leave, lay down, albeit partially, on Your berth and the luggage! Enjoy.

On my chest a

This man had Calmly sat at my chest as I lay on my berth. (We Senior Citizens are ‘entitled’ to a lower berth. It did not prove to be much a blessing. Not that the ‘other’ berths were spared. They all carried at least two people. And that was tolerated). In my case, this man got off only after my Seriously Objecting to his sitting there thus.


I make a prophesy (!) at this point. Please click here for that.


These are Good Days ONLY for the CRONY CAPITALISTS of #modi. Crores and Crores of their Debts written off. [This system of writing off the debts of the Mega rich must be Abolished]. These CCs get concessions for mega businesses, like adani getting the contract for mining in Australia.


Search for ‘Crowded Indian Trains’ and have fun. 😦



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