People with Ordinary Reservation Enter AC coaches!


[ This is the ‘Prophesy‘ I had been talking about! ]

The administration (previously called ‘government’) is thinking of, (or is it already working on?) Bullet Trains in India. It that the Need of the Hour? There are Not enough ‘Ordinary’ compartments in trains. If this persists, Of course ‘People with Ordinary Reservation will Enter AC coaches.’

This post is more about the Apathy of the Indian Citizen. Not just in India, all over the world, Apathy is Ruling, and We cry foul Only when Our Own skin is in trouble.

I have already shown that the Indian Citizen no longer respects ‘Reservations’ in trains. Barging into reserved compartments is ‘Usual’ now. The so-called TTE’s, (Travelling Ticket Examiners), with additional ‘flying squads’ adding to the merriment, just collect a few rupees and allow passengers without reservations to remain in reserved compartments.

Here are some pictures of some of these incidents, from my trip to Gorakhpur.

30 re man

The above is one of those men who had paid the TTE a mere Rs. 30 to be allowed to remain. Evidently these were ‘regular’ passengers, taking advantage of the timing of the train, proving that there are Not enough travelling facilities to travel in India. No use in pointing out the Thousands of Buses that ply. They are Overcrowded, and these sorts of practices, as pointed out in this article, are resorted to.

grp vic

But if You are ‘Poor-Looking,’ God help You. The above Youth is an example. They just took him to the side and were demanding Hundreds. My presence, and the camera – though a very poor one, made differences here.


So the Indian Citizen no longer respects ‘Reservations’ in trains. And by reservations We mean the ‘Second’ class one.

How Long is it going to be before they start Barging into the ‘First’ class, and even Air Conditioned compartments? (Actually this is Already Happening).

So here is my Prophesy, Folks. It is Not Long before: ‘People with Ordinary Reservation start Entering AC coaches.’

Would the Well-to-do, those with the Smart Phones and the Benz Cars, start raising their voices at least then? Would the Administration (previously called government) start providing More Ordinary, Un-reserved coaches in trains at least then?


And let us remember, my Dear Folks, Apathy is Not just about Reservations in Trains. There are More Important Issues like the Water Situation, and the practically Non-existent law and order in the Country. Or have You forgotten that there are Thousands jailed without a hearing For 20 YEARS or more? 😦



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