Neutrino research in India


madurai theni earth

‘Earth’ map of Neutrino research in India, being carried out between the districts of Theni (in Tamil Nadu) and Idukki (in Kerala).

There are 12 dams storing more than 400 crore cubic meters of water in the geologically sensitive districts. High energy neutrinos coming from the factories in USA can cause RADIATION CONTAMINATION in surface area above INO and the water bodies storing more than 4 billion cubic meters of water.

The research proposal for INO was written by scientists from USA. There is no mention of the collaboration with USA in any of the documents released by the Department of Atomic Energy or INO website.

Likewise, the people living above the lab surface and nearby have not been informed about the lab. There is lack of transparency at various levels.

The above is a condensed, and edited excerpt from:


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