Chief Secy of State states: Hooliganism …with Additions


[ Have added some more material on this. New data at beginning. ]

The look of Arrogance on the face the young boy at right shocks and repulses me.

look of arrogance


As ‘Sekar Pandian wrote on the comments else where,

The whole nation is watching bjp government at the center and states. Also the entire world…… we need to have decency…….After Bjp came to power at the center the behaviour of the fundamentalists have changed and they got some kind of unwritten approval for taking the country to stone age.”

The Facebook page, ‘Final War Against Corruption’ says: “This will not be forgotten,” and very rightly so too!

gau raksha thugs

Image by screen capture


As I state in the title, No less a person than the Chief Secretary of the state of Gujarat states: ‘Hooliganism going on in name of gau raksha.’

Gau Raksha means ‘Saving the Cow.’

gun dalits btn up 0716

Image by screen capture from Twitter.

Hooliganism going on in name of gau raksha: Gujarat Chief Secretary


Actually the Video(s) show repeated beatings by long iron rods, steel cables, etc. …They had been ‘Skinning’ a Dead Cow, for its skin, for Leather. And these men set out to ‘Protect’ the Cow. Viva la India.

AND the police knows whom to salute when it reaches the spot. Oh Country, my Country.


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