3rd Attack in Germany, and in Praise of Indian Police


Just heard about a Third attack in Germany, in which some 10, Young people have been killed, while attending a Music Fest.

While I criticise the Indian police for being High handed, I also Appreciate the Way they arrange Security.

In what might seem Simple things like the attendance of Citizens at Flag Hoisting’s on Independence Day and the Republic Day of India, etc, there is ample police presence, but more Importantly, they ‘screen’ Us, particularly Bags, etc. I know this because it happened to me at Trichy on Republic day this year!

pol presence at railway stations

Police presence at Railway station. Notice the ‘Scanners,’ if I have the right word, in the hand of the policemen. …Police personnel are also armed, with .45’s, LMGs and such, which I consider outright Foolish. Imagine firing one of these in Crowded Railway stations, even inside Carriages. I suppose the idea is Intimidation, but this will NOT work with the evil-minded, who will rightly act on the idea that the police would not fire. Add to that the fact that many policemen are armed with WW II Lee Enfield .303 rifles, shouldered, which they cannot even swing around inside a crowded railway compartment in an emergency! …Last but not least, on such personnel, I Very much doubt their ‘efficiency’ with guns. For me, it is a Gun in the hand of a Simian.

Not only at Airports, even Important Railway stations have ‘Scanners’ through which People have to pass, and Even Luggage is Scanned at Main Railway stations like Chennai, etc.


Two screeners are visible at right.

mumbai churchgate entrance

A whole bank of screeners at the Churchgate station of Mumbai.

luggage scanner

Luggage Screener/Scanner

Not just the ‘dais’ but also the whole of the Grounds where the Public would be gathering is scanned for explosive devises hidden or buried there.

I would DEFINITELY SAY that All police personnel at Railway stations, even the Road, etc, are Polite and Helpful, if not friendly, which is sufficient.

But the Indian police seems to be ‘Trained‘ to react with Rigid and Harsh Violence, and to put down even Peaceful Protests. That is certainly a different matter.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT FACTOR is that You cannot buy ‘Sim Cards‘ without Valid Proofs in India, unlike what We see in English movies! The Opening of Bank Accounts, Even sending and receiving money has to be Validated with Ample Proof like the Voter Id, the ‘Aadhaar’ card, which carries Iris and Finger prints, Or the Ubiquitous ‘Ration Card.’ All of which are Very good things, which would definitely make it difficult for the ‘Ungodly,’ (like Terrorists).

HAPPILY, the Indian system of police protection has not become Draconian like that in russia or in china, – nor even in sri lanka! I consider this a Happy state of Affairs, and Protected.

The system needs Improvements, of course, like, No Pellets! …Western police using ‘Pepper Sprays‘ and ‘Tasers‘ is also Un-Ethical and Immoral.

To conclude, The Western Police Forces would do well to take lessons from India in arranging for Security for Gatherings and Public places.

PS: All images from the Internet.



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