Jello#curly girl# LIFE OF A WORKAHOLIC

A Very Honest, and Really Needed piece of writing.

Kudos to Jheel for sharing this with Us!


jello curly girl

Greetings people ..
I am a lawyer.. Or should I say was ?
But right now, I am in boring hospital walls ..oh yes…what am I doing here ? I should be at the court closing a sensational case ! Breaking my opponent at the knees…I must be at my extra large cabin with large books !
I have done this for a long while now…and as a result here I am…in here for damaging my kidney and making my life hell !
Being a workaholic …running down long hallways at the court..late night strategic planning …and no proper food ..
This is the main reason for this condition.
Later I abused my health by some antacid tablets.. Some whiskey.. Some spicy food from the new restaurant..
I looked aged ! Like am not 40 but somewhere in mid 60’s ! And after all this..who comes to be with me…

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