Baby, Squirrel, Trust


Long ago I learnt the High Value of Approachability! To be Non-Threatening in Our Looks, Words and Gestures. That alone stands as the Foundation for Trust. …Not that I have succeeded always, Alas!

But this Baby gets Full Marks with this Squirrel!

Baby n squirrel a

Baby n squirrel b

Images from the Internet


For a little more on Babies and Creatures, Please click here.



  1. […] Folks, it is beginning to rain (As if it was not raining in other parts of the World, Haha) – in Our areas. Hope You have at least Your Umbrellas ready. For the recent Bengaluru type of rain and its aftermath, though, please consult the local administration! …Meanwhile, let’s learn from the Frog: […]


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