Our ARDENT police


But Wait, I have put (Hidden!) the Most Important picture at the Very End! 🙂

A few pictures of the man, vijay mallya, who owes the Country a mere 9,000 Crores, [ multiply it by 10 to get the figure in millions, Please; I am too Tired ( Lazy 🙂 ) to do the Maths! ]. And I also hope I have the figure, wrt what he owes, Right.


In an outing with the Girls who are trying to work up a few thousands (Lakhs?) by getting near the big man. Please note that Showing the Navels is Mandatory. And also note that even Idiots have to show their Identity.

navels hidden

In this case, YOU have to find the Navels. Go on, You have to work hard to get on in Life, You know that.


See how hard he works! Kissing all those Girls! Sigh.


Fortifying himself for his next round of hard work.


See! Immediately he is at work – Advertising his Kingfisher booze! And wearing Jockey underwear too!


Now Relaxing, (Rightfully!) on his Sofa. Don’t tell me that is a Harley-Whatever-Davidson. It Is a Sofa too.

studying for his exams

Now his Mommy (Or is it his Teacher) is making him study for his exams.

fooled you

Hahaha! Fooled You all, didn’t I? Or should it be Fooled Us All, Or Fooled You All, Didn’t We? …Whatever.


Now for Just a Little More. …This will show how, Our Administration (previously called government), – And the police, having failed to take any action against mallya, Our Good Old Police at least in this case has been Absolutely and Utterly, and shall I add Damned-ly Ardent in preventing this Pani-Puri Seller from Occupying the Foot-path.

Yes, these are Pani-Puris.


panipuri seller

This Image from Facebook, today. All other images from the Internet.

And he was making Millions a day out of the Business too! Just look at his Clothes! And he even said to the Nice policeman, who was merely asking for his Usual Bribe, (I am presuming this): “Sir, I have Not had much sales; I shall give it to You a little Later!” How Dare he! “There You are; I shall knock down Your blasted Tray. Now pick up Your goods and Try to Sell them,” said the Nice, Ardent policeman, (again I am presuming this).

[ PS: I have added Humour also in the Categories. But it is Very Sad Humour. ]

Oh India, my India.



  1. I won’t say the word that’s in my head because it’s not very ladylike. I will pray for the downtrodden in your country. I must also remember to pray for these bad people, despite how I feel about them, because if they don’t change their ways they are going to come to a VERY nasty end.

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