Dalit CHILDREN Beaten Up


Seems I am Never going to get any Rest. …From Facebook:

These (Dalit) Children had entered some Temple, trying to get a little ‘Prasad,’ the Sanctified (Food) items given to the Devotees. It is not a question of these things merely being Sweet; The Sheer Hunger of the Masses is Unknown to Us.

For their pains, their heads were Shaved, they were Tied up like this to the tree and Beaten up.

dalit Ch beaten up

The Injury on the boy’s forehead is Very Apparent. There are definite swellings on his Chest and Stomach.

And the Eyes.

The Eyes are Not only filled with Pain. They are asking Us: “Why?”

They say: “LOOK at Our Bodies. We are Thin. That should make it Clear to you – ย well-fed people, that Our lives pass in Hunger. So What was wrong if We took something to Eat?”

That is what I mean by my not going to get rest. Blessed are We if We Do Not Rest.


I have said it Before, and I will say it Again: Let All of Us, who are Sensible Human Beings, Really Open Up Our Mouths WIDE and SHOUT and tell those people to Stop doing such things, Beating up the Innocents just because they happened to be born in a Different Community.



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