India’s Defence Minister wants to ‘Teach’ a Citizen a Lesson


Is India lacking in Judicial Power? I Openly and Frankly say that the so called ‘justice department‘ is No More than the ‘Law department,’ as Rightly called that in Hindi, namely, ‘Kanoon vibhag.’ This so called justice department, keeping Thousands for Over Twenty years in Custody without even a Hearing, is Well in the hands of Ruling Party. Go On, Arrest me.

Anyway, even the administration (government) seems to think so, – that is, The justice department is of , hmm, No Use, – it would seem. Which is Why they don’t bother to file charges when they ‘think’ somebody has killed a cow, or somebody has said something anti-national. They have to take steps.

India’s Defence Minister, no less, one #parrikar, has said that People like Aamir Khan should be taught a lesson.

I think this harks back to the time and statement of Aamir, where he had said that his Wife did not feel Safe (in India). Should he Not have said that? What he or she had felt? Actually, A LARGE MAJORITY do not feel Safe in India, which is Why they do not Open their Mouths. Even on the Internet, even in the Blogosphere! Haha! How can they?000 hindu intolerance

Think also of the Destruction of the Babri Masjid. I am not aware that Muslims destroyed Any major Temple (of the Hindus) in these times. We are speaking of India, of course.


Putting Aamir and parrikar on the scales, parrikar is a Mere politico, whereas Aamir has contributed Much for Positive Changes in the Mentality of the People.

All that being so, the anchor of @IndiaToday TV channel, reiterating what #parrikar had said, has blurted: “#parrikar has merely said that the people do not like Aamir.”

Merely. And if a group of people do not like somebody or something, the administration will do what the ‘people’ want. Frankly, Large groups, like 25,000 asking the Kudankulam Nuclear plant to be shut down, or for Liquor shops near Schools and Hospitals to be closed down in Tamil Nadu, Did Not Work!

I fired off some tweets on that, as under:

1. ‪#‎parrikar‬ seems to have given the explanation that ‘people did not like’ what ‪#‎AamirKhan‬ said, did, whatever. In that case, (cont)

2. I Not liking #parrikar, would it be Ok for me to get a group of people by my side, and then say that #parrikar should be taught a lesson?

3. #parrikar: Any person with Half a Brain knows govt can Track all things. But a Citizen cannot live in Fear. I refuse to live in Fear.

4. Not only #parrikar, @IndiaToday seems to agree that If people do not like, they can put their Foot in their Mouth. It THAT govt’s work?

5. ‪#‎Democracy‬ Actually means Opinion of the Majority, WITHOUT HARM TO THE MINORITY. After all We Are ONE COUNTRY, #parrikar, @IndiaToday.



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