GAD… Dhyaan in the Most Surprising Places!


The Method I describe for Dhyaan is Really a Very Simple, and Practical one.

I shall give You an example. A young woman, whose husband had been horsing around, was naturally distraught. After she had shared with me, I had asked her to do Dhyaan, just the thing(s) I describe in my GAD series. See ‘Why do Dhyaan?’ …here.

She had asked me, When and Where am I going to find the Time? I go to work, and, on top of that, have to take care of the House and Home. (In India, though the households are small, because of the Dust, keeping the house clean is a Task. So, Cleaning the house, Washing the Clothes, Doing the Cooking – which in turn means washing up afterwards, etc, turn out to be Near Un-Ending work).

Bharati, (fictitious name, but the case is Real), was also taking care of their Son, a very active 5 year old boy, who had started schooling.

And, as We have seen, the husband, raising Not a finger to help at home, had lady friends, (plural). So her mind was Not in a Condition, We can say, to do Meditation.


After listening to All this, this is what I said to her:

“You get a Ten-minute period where You are Standing in the bus on way to Your Work. Hold on to the Strap, see that You don’t fall, (Indian buses can be quite Jerky), and Do the Dhyaan there, in the Bus, Standing.

NOTE: Doing Dhyaan does not mean going into a Trance, though that Can happen. The Idea is to Be Aware of Your Surroundings, – Do not go and dash into a bus, for instance, And Use Your Time for Dhyaan.

Crowded bus

This is the Kind of bus Bharati had to board en route to her work. You can Imagine the condition and situation Inside. Yet it could not Stop her from doing her Dhyaan. One has to Appreciate and Laud her Determination, of course.

I met her the next month. And this is what she told me: “En mind-u Blunt Aayiducchu.” This is in Tamil, with, as You see a great deal of English thrown in, and means: My mind has become Blunt. I have quoted the Actual word she had used. I was not a little Nonplussed. But when asked to explain, things became clear. She had said that because she does not know much English. What she had meant was that her Mind had Become BLANK, Silent, …At Peace.

Bharati is continuing with her Dhyaan, and has progressed quite a lot!


Some Important points:

As I have shown, Though Doing Dhyaan in Noisy, Boisterous surroundings is difficult, It Is Not Impossible. …I utilize my journey times, done in Buses, with Blaring music/movies, for Dhyaan. I take the aid of some surgical cotton that I always carry for the purpose of ear plugs, though they are not totally effective.

The MIND is More of a Block and Hindrance than physical surroundings. The Din that the Mind raises, by way of Questions, challenges, sad memories, fears, worries and such pose Greater Difficulties to doing Dhyaan.

YET these can be overcome too. It will depend upon Our Interest and Motivation.

Hence, Motivate Yourself; Keep Your Target, for instance that of Attaining Peace, in the forefront of Your mind, and Keep on Reminding Yourself.

Happy Dhyaan, and Peace to You All!


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