Women molested during Jat Agitation


[ Again a post that had been on simmer, which I have able to publish only now. The facts, the Thoughts and the Realities True for Today. ]

The Jats, Whatever the Reality of their Demands, and Whatever the Justice therein, for me, are India’s Anti Nationals Number One.

My First problem with them is that they take to Uprooting Railway Tracks at the Drop of a Hat, at Every one of their agitations.

Jats uproot the rail road

Damaging National Property for me comes High in the order of being Against the Nation. In this, the people of Andhra/Telangana come in a Close Second. Recently these had Burnt Eight Railway Coaches. Stopping Trains from Plying, for Days on end, is Child’s play for these.


The Jats have gone One Up this time, in that they have Gang-Raped their Own Women, during their agitation.

“Three women were taken to Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba and united with their families in the presence of senior police officers. They appeared lifeless.”

The above quote from: www.abplive.in

Murthal gang-rapes: Why the strewn under wears escaped the keen eyes of Khattar’s police

murthal rape b

Stripped, traditional legging of Jat women, found at rape site. All images from the Internet.


The More modern ‘Jeans.’ Same site, same circumstances.

murthal where molestations took place

The name of the police station is shown in this composite, downloaded as such from the Internet.

Jat reservation violence: 10 women dragged from cars and gangraped in Murthal near Sukhdev Dhaba, High Court takes suo moto cognizance

jerk kicks dog. Almost Invariably, Dogs will Fight back, unless they are pups. It is Much More Difficult for Citizens to Fight against the ‘system!’

But you raise a Large enough group, very easy in India along ‘Caste’ and ‘Community’ lines, (the Jats are a ‘community’). Then you make your ‘demand’ (it is literally a demand!), whatever the Justice or Logic behind it. you get your way. The Jats have shown that to India. As the cartoon below shows.

000 jats

Image from the Internet. I hope You recognize ‘modi,’ the prime minister of India, being ‘carried’ thus!


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