The Most Cherished @ #CBF2016


An Astonishing Sharing from a Friend in Our Blogging world! His Idea of Killing oneself with a Book is to be Emulated.

Thank You, Peter, for sharing all this with Us. I admire Your Courage indeed. Makes an Excellent Example.

Am also Very glad You bought that Book. And the Idea of ‘Killing oneself with a Book by reading it’ is simply Marvellous! More People should do that.

Incidentally, I too have given away my collection of books at least 3 times in my life, and I regret that! Can’t even buy them back! 🙂


Demogorgon's Fiction

This year, my dearest treasure is an anthology of stories, poems, essays, and the making of poems.

Its story is one that I am both ashamed and thrilled to tell. Before I chose it for this post, I searched thoroughly for a replacement. But there was none.

Sometime in February 2011, I felt low. Too low. The lowest I have ever felt. So I thought I could buy some pills.

In the morning, I went around town buying them from different shops till I had 280 of them. Then I bought 500ml of water and made my way to Ngong Hills, into the forests and bushes there. I wanted to just lie down and forget the world for good.

But before I could do that, I, somehow, remembered my books and a fierce sense of jealousy gripped me. I said, “Who’s going to have those books?” I couldn’t remember one…

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