Meanwhile, Armstrong was Astonished to see that…


The US of A wrongly thinks that they landed a human being on the Moon first. As has been shown by the kindly Facebook photographer, it is Not so. (Please, let Everybody know that I am Joking! Please don’t put Cases or Sacks on/over me, kind sirs!)

Vadai seller on the moon

Photo, as I said, from Facebook! …What fun is a photo if it is not Photoshopped?! 🙂

He found Tamil Nadu’s ubiquitous ‘Vadai seller’ over there. And as We can see, she had been over there for quite some time, as can be seen from the large number of those she has already prepared!

PS: Do not eat too many of the ones traditionally made with holes in the centre. Made of Black  grams, (Urad beans), they are Quite a bit Oily!

Ulundu vadai

Image from the Internet, and Warning Issued in Public Interest! Haha! 🙂


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