What do We say to ‘this?’


People do not believe when I say that Indians have been Reduced to a State of Helplessness, (It is True for Most of the World too, of course).

security man ties shoe lace

Screen shot from Twitter

Security men don’t have the GUTS to say No when a ****ing minister tells them to tie a shoelace. The ****ing minister is Sure to have Peons who are paid fat salaries for these kinds of jobs, who travel and enjoy themselves at Our expense.

There ARE Private security personnel who can be kicked out on the whim of the employer. Not so the ‘government’ security people. Then WHY does he have to bend down?

We have to Remember that AT THE MOST the security man can be transferred. And if All security men start saying this, the ****ing ministers can do Zilch. Ah, it comes down to a Question of having GUTS.

While I admit that tying somebody’s shoelaces as a service of love is to be commended, here it is a case of being Forced. Which was why I had posted my article: I love my India. Can We call Ourselves a Land of the Free?

Well, for me to Say. The Wise will take note and Act. And see to the Future of their Children.


4 thoughts on “What do We say to ‘this?’”

  1. Well,,, if I don’t say ‘well’ and water down your firmness, I, a govt employee, will be in the well, and things won’t go well with my wife and my children’s posh education in a posh church institution will be in the soup.. BUT I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS and for God’s blessings to come down.

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    1. Thank You Very much my Dear Devdan! And Devdan You ARE!

      I do believe what You are saying is: Well, Well, Well! 🙂

      Thank You Very much for Your support. Much appreciated. 🙂


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