I like Tom and Jerry movies… (There is More to this than meets the Eye!)


park-child joke

Found this in the Internet

Man sees Child in Park and says, “I have been coming here for 10 years, but have never seen You! …OK, let us leave all that, What movies do You like?”

The Boy: “I like ‘Tamannaa movies, Uncle.”

[ This is Tamannaa, considered a very Saucy Actress on the Tamil screen. ]


(Image from the Internet)

To continue, the Boy asks the Man, “What movies do YOU like, Uncle?”

The Man says: “I like Tom and Jerry movies!”


End of Joke, but if You want to see My tastes, You would have to scroll down! And what about sharing Your tastes? 🙂







Well, Actually, for that matter, besides Jackie Chan – Liam Neeson – Alfred Hitchcock and so many others, I like Tom and Jerry too, little Boy! And I practically Never watch Tamil (Or Hindi) movies.



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