A Petition for Less (Indian) ‘officials’ at Olympics


[ The following is from change.org. …Full link at bottom. At least All Indians should sign this. ]

  • 119 sportspersons and 90 officials in Rio Olympics.
  • The officials traveled in Business class while the athletes only got economy tickets.
  • Jaisha- a marathon runner fainted because there was no official present to even give her water.
  • Olympic organizers threaten to cancel Sports Minister Vijay Goel’s pass over ‘rude and aggressive’ assistants
  • According to media, an unqualified doctor taken was taken as the Chief Medical officer as he was the son of a high ranking official while Deepa Karmakar’s physio wasn’t  allowed to accompany her.
  • Haryana sports minister took a 9-member team to Rio, funded by the tax payer’s money. The ministers were spotted hanging out at Rio beaches and sightseeing the city. No minister actually attended any game.

We need to win more medals. We don’t need these babus.

I am a former table tennis player and have represented India in 1980. I have seen first hand, the amount of corruption there is in sports. And it’s time we end this.

Sign my petition and ask the Prime Minister Modi to announce a policy to restrict number of officials accompanying sportspersons for sports events outside the country and hold them accountable.

Both the Asian games and the Commonwealth games are going to be held in 2018. Before the Indian contingent leaves for these games, a list with all the officials’ names and their reason for accompanying the athletes must be made public. The sports persons must be given first choice on who should accompany them for the sporting events.

There are so many sports bodies in the country which are funded by the tax payer’s money but have no accountability. We must change that.

India’s performance in the Rio Olympics should be a wake up call for the authorities. We can’t let corruption and abuse of power take over India’s sports. We can’t let the politicians and babus make a joke of this country.

Sign my petition and ask for this culture of corruption in sports to end.


The link:



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